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R&D inside of Inxellion's DNA

The research and development division of Ixellion is constantly engaged in the study of innovative solutions with a high technological content in the fields of application of the technologies produced by Ixellion. With its two research centers, Ixellion currently has dozens of development projects under its belt, some examples of which are presented below.

Ixellion PPMT R&D Platform Prototype

Ixellion Motors & Generators

Motors&Generators 3D Technology

Ixellion developed an hybrid technology to product and make component by addittive manufatoring/3D Printing systems based on Smart Additive Manifacturing Platform and a technolgy able to realize parts and component with continuous fiber reinforcement.

Ixellion can realize, by this process, complete sytems or structural parts, for example Ixellion used this technology to build a PPMT system based on an advanced magnetic force control technology and that can be applicable to motors and generators. This solution provides excellent torque values and a very good weight//performance ratio. A such innovative solution will find wide applications in many industries. It can be developed in several types of shape and dimension on small / big industrial systems.

Ixellion PPMT InWheel Case Study

Ixellion Innovative Materials

Ixellion Plasma Actuators

Plasma actuators are a type of actuator currently being developed for aerodynamic flow control. Plasma actuators impart force in a similar way to ionocraft. Plasma flows control has drawn considerable attention and been used in boundary layer acceleration, airfoil separation control, forebody separation control, turbine blade separation control, axial compressor stability extension, heat transfer and high-speed jet control. The working of these actuators is based on the formation of a low-temperature plasma between a pair of asymmetric electrodes by application of a high-voltage AC signal across the electrodes. Consequently, air molecules from the air surrounding the electrodes are ionized, and are accelerated through the electric field.

Ixellion Plasma Actuators Case Studies